The Marketing Committee exists to make students, participants in Mays Business School, and members of our organization aware and excited about the programs Business Student Council has to offer. Our organization offers a variety of services to the Business School, but if the students, parents, and administration are not aware of our organization, we cannot serve them to the best or our ability. We aim to diminish this communication gap by maintaining a large presence in each people group of the business school, and creatively marketing our events and services. This committee accomplishes this through 2 subcommittees that focus on different projects throughout the year. 

Each member of this committee has an important responsibility and offers great value to the organization. They have the freedom to think creatively and implement new ideas to better market the Business Student Council.

Each of the two subcommittees are responsible for marketing events such as Career Fair, Maysfest, Mays Exchange, Project Mays, and Mays-wide professional events throughout the year. Simple graphic design, social media management, photography, videography, and more are responsibilities of the marketing committee. In addition to creative tasks, Marketing involves some event planning. In the fall, the committee plans our annual alumni tailgate and in the spring, they plan a Mays-wide Family Weekend Open House. Marketing also maintains relationships with Mays Administration, Faculty and Staff. They work closely with Mays Administration on marketing events and facilitate faculty and staff appreciation each year. Marketing truly exists to serve the needs of the council and connect people across all platforms. There is so much to do within the Marketing committee and all levels of experience are always welcome!

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