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Established in 1968, Business Student Council is an organization dedicated to serving the Mays Business School, positively impacting the Bryan-College Station community, and developing leaders within the council. 

We serve the Mays Business School by:

  • Hosting a Career Fair each semester to connect students with employers 

  • Throwing MaysFest, a carnival-like event with free food and fun activities to give students a break from classes

  • Designing and selling Mays Business School apparel to students 

  • Having our annual Aggie Ring Scholarship, where Mays students apply to get their Aggie Ring donated from us 

  • Providing free business professional clothing rentals through our Career Closet Service

We positively impact the Bryan-College Station community by:

  • Donating bikes to students in elementary schools who have perfect attendance and outstanding grades

  • Hosting a case competition for high schoolers to teach them the operations of a business

  • Buying Christmas presents for kids in the Bryan-College Station area 

  • Participating in the Texas A&M Big Event each year

  • Holding a resume and interview workshop for students about to enter college and/or looking for a job

  • To learn more about the ways we give back to our community, click here!

We develop leaders within the council by:

  • Networking with companies in Texas and visiting others around the country in cities like Chicago and Seattle

  • Having socials throughout the month to build strong relationships within the council

  • Learning and working on business skills through professional development events

  • Giving members the opportunity to work with the entire council's finances

  • Allowing members to explore their creative side and advertise the council's events to the entire Business School 

  • Having all members work in a team, take ownership of a project, and successfully execute it

There are 7 committees that help make the events above possible. Click on each one to learn more!

Along with these events, we have biweekly meetings on Monday nights at 8:30pm. Our office is located in Wehner Room 151. 

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