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The Events committee strives to foster a culture of unity and excellence within Business Student Council and Mays Business School. The committee functions through three subcommittees: Professional Trip, MaysFest, and Outreach.

Professional Trip

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The Professional Trip sub-committee orchestrates our annual corporate trip involving networking with business executives and potential employers. Each year, BSC takes a trip out of Texas and experiences some of the greatest cities in the nation firsthand. The trip develops members professionally through interactions with executives and visits to various corporate headquarters. In the past, BSC has visited cities such as Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco while interacting with companies like Google, Boeing, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Microsoft, Bain Consulting, Amazon, Chevron, and many more. Members of the Professional Trip sub-committee are responsible for planning the various aspects of the trip including visits to companies and other fun activities.


The Outreach focuses on providing opportunities for the council to develop relationships and collaborate with other organizations. This subcommittee plays a vital role in establishing unity within Mays Business School and across the A&M campus. Members of the social subcommittee plan joint social and professional development events with outside organizations and organize our October in-state professional development trip.


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MaysFest is a bi-annual event that BSC facilitates for the students of Mays featuring music, free food, prizes, and fun. MaysFest aims to connect the students of Mays while providing an opportunity to escape from the monotony of their daily grind. BSC receives no profit in the event, and takes pride in the chance to sponsor the event each semester. The festival involves other student organizations in the business school as well as companies and allows these groups to interact and connect with the Mays community.

MaysDays are randomly selected days throughout the year where BSC provides something free for the students of Mays. Whether this is cookies after an accounting test or kolaches in the morning, these sporadic events aim to brighten days.


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