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Members of the Finance Committee are responsible for overseeing every aspect of Business Student Council’s financial operations. This is a process that includes a close relationship with the Student Organization Finance Center, the filing and payment of local and state taxes, the creation and management of a budget, and the use of Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks Accounting Software. This proves to be a very rewarding experience for those who are selected because Finance Committee members develop skills that prove valuable and applicable as they enter the job market.

Internally, we work as a team to effectively and responsibly allocate the Council’s resources.


Externally, we work with every committee within the Council in order to send and receive payments for events that Business Student Council is responsible for. These events include, but are not limited to: Career Fair, MaysFest, Project Mays, and Mays Exchange. We also work externally with hundreds of vendors and ensure timely payments. These relationships provide committee members the opportunity for networking, as well as growth in their professional lives. 

Being a member of the Finance Committee is a great responsibility, and it proves to have great rewards. We welcome students interested in this committee to inquire and apply regardless of your business major; we are not limited to the fields of Finance and Accounting. The operations of the Finance Committee closely resemble running a business, and the knowledge that is gained by being a part of this committee is relevant and applicable in the long run.

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