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The role of Internal Affairs is to ensure the social integration and professional development of each member of BSC. In recent years, Internal Affairs has developed council members by carrying out bi-weekly social events and end-of-semester banquets, organizing our BSC "family" events, coordinating intramural sports, orchestrating New Member Development Events, and planning various Professional Development Events.

Internal Affairs places a high priority on social events because they are the best way to establish strong relationships among council members. We plan everything from Taco Tuesdays and scavenger hunts to our spring retreat in Austin and celebratory banquets at the end of each year. 

New Member Development are events for first year BSC members to learn how to be better council members, better Mays students, as well as better professionals.

Our Professional Development Events allow our committee members plenty of freedom to plan events they think will best enhance skills of our council members. In the past, we have partnered with companies on networking events, held LinkedIn workshops, etiquette dinners, excel workshops, and golf course etiquette classes to name a few.

Internal Affairs has a unique opportunity to connect members of the council by maintaining and improving our Mentor-Mentee Program. This program creates "families" by pairing groups of younger and older members together in order to establish relationships and provide members another chance to learn from one another.


Internal Affairs is additionally tasked with maintaining our greatest resource, the BSC Office. This is an awesome place to study and hang out with friends at school during the day, or meet up to plan some awesome events!

IA Events

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